Advertising for a global audience!

Landscape contains no spoken language which means we reach our viewers no matter the native tongue. We have designed an advertising platform that takes advantage of this global reach, a new opportunity for advertisers, flexible in content and duration with the ability to deliver a powerful and engaging message to our audience in full HD and on a global scale. These adverts can also be longer in duration than a normal TV ad spot giving much more flexibility at a fraction of the cost of a regular television advert. 

What is Landscape Alternative Advertising? 

Put your tourism destination on the global television map and reach a high numbers clients for a fraction of the cost of normal television advertising. 

Landscape Alternative Advertising is a cost effective, simple to use, global television advertising platform for the tourism industry. It uses traditional broadcast television delivery through a fast growing number of national and regional broadcasters, broadcasting into the home on conventional televisions as well as new media (tablets, phones etc). In 2017 Landscape is broadcasting to 700,000 high quality homes and is now in over 100 countries around the world via direct OTT delivery.  Landscape is building the most cost effective television advertising system in the world for the global tourism industry. 

Full details of monthly reach available in this xls data sheet HERE

What are the criteria?

Above is an example of Landscape Alternative Advertising

  • It's languageless.
  • It's HD source material but we broadcast in many countries in the local format
  • It can be long form, anything up to 5-minutes' long.
  • It isn't focused on FMCG (fast moving consumer goods).

Who advertises on Landscape? 

Our system is designed with predominantly the tourism sector in mind, tourist boards, hotels and attractions who want to reach an audience outside but also including their own language territory. Global exposure coupled with the ability to run longer adverts in much higher quality at a fraction of the normal cost brings a new cost effective simple platform with direct results that is unavailable elsewhere. 

  • Tourist Boards (National and Local)
  • Tourism destinations
  • Hotels
  • National Parks
  • Castles and Historic sites
  • Cultural sites
  • Museums
  • Exhibitions
  • Art Galleries
  • Guided Tours
  • Charities

What are the benefits?

You have a unique oportunity to reach the right audience for the right price. Landscape Alternative Advertising is:

  • Targeted
  • Cost effective
  • High quality
  • Global in scale
  • Flexible in duration
  • Simple to use

* Note: Tourist boards use Landscape because it is the most cost-effective way to obtain an audience attention in the countries where we are broadcast.

The complete package AND BUDGET

We can supply you with the whole package from start to finish with a project tailored to your budget. We will shoot, edit and broadcast a Landscape Alternative Advert tailored to your needs or put you in touch with a filmmaker from our network. Our focus is upon quality of image and creating a bespoke commercial tailored to your needs that like our programming is timeless with global appeal.

Your advert will be seen alongside some of the largest tourism brands in the world who have used their resources to appeal to the international traveler. Our advertisers come from all walks of the tourism business - a selection of Landscape Alternative Adverts can be seen HERE.

Advertising to the world requires creative advertising and programming to go with it. Work with us to promote your town, region or country through the creation of advertising and also programming that appeals to the international and regional traveler.

Join the LandscapeHD Tourism Club 

Landscape Alternative Advertising is available at a fraction of the cost of regular television advertising. Pay a monthly fee rather than spot ads and get your adverts broadcast every day on the network (one spot is always in peak time because of global broadcast and often more as availability allows). Everywhere Landscape goes your message goes with us.

Production rebates are also available to club members.