In order to either provide music for the Landscape Channel or to make a video for Landscape it is better to understand some of the issues involved before making or submitting music or films to Landscape. We are a growing channel who unlike many of the other music channels do not work in the pop business. Our world is the world of Art and is a little known area where the world of the film producer and the music producer meet but is growing into a world network. We make films for music rights owners and also film rights owners who submit films to us for consideration. We show these on our network and share revenue with the objective of attracting global advertising. When that starts we will share this with our film makers and musicians whom we work with. It is therefore helpful to understand the requirements of that production process so that those who contribute know what is needed to make it work. Landscape does not show films that feature language and our objective is to develop a global outlet for instrumental music based upon the art of the beauty of the natural and man made world. This beauty exists everywhere we look and is in the eye of the beholder. Thirty years experience has shown us that the global international market for instrumental music exists and in order to capitalise upon it our contributors need to understand the lessons that we have learned over those thirty years. One day we plan to be able to develop global advertising to share with our contributors. This guide should help you determine whether you are capable of making a production that we can air and provide some understanding of the issues involved. You do not need to spend a fortune to make a Landscape film as almost all have been made using Apple Final Cut Pro software many made at home on Apple hardware. A very small investment in time and an appropriate camera (1080p format) can open the world of Landscape distribution to you but remember to follow the rules: