The Channel was started in 1987 by Nick Austin, the co-founder of Beggars Banquet record label and music group. Nick remains Chairman to this day.

  • 1987 Landscape concluded an agreement with SKY Television to provide them with programming through the night on the Eutelsat 13 degrees East satellite.

  • 1989 Landscape joins the exclusive band of broadcasters operating on the new ASTRA 1A satellite and continues to supply SKY until the middle of that year. Also Channel Four in the UK starts broadcasting a new format known as Art of Landscape.

  • 1990 Landscape provided Channel Four with 200 hours of national morning television between 9.30am and 11am. This produced high critical acclaim.

  • 1991 Landscape signs its first cable operator at Windsor Television with a view to creating a dedicated cable channel.

  • 1992 Landscape reaches 75% of all UK cable by the end of the year.

  • 1993 Landscape took the first step into the European cable distribution business delivering its programming to cable operators by the Intelsat 27.5 degrees West satellite.

  • 1994 Landscape moved to the Eutelsat 13 degrees East satellite.

  • 1997 Landscape was connected to 1,130,000 homes in the UK, representing approximately 60% of allUK cable homes. The Channel launched across Europe on the Orion digital satellite stationed at 37.5degrees West on 1st June 1997.

  • 1999 Landscape signed a carriage agreement with Spanish satellite operator Via Digital. However following its merger with D+, carriage was later lost.

  • 1999 Digital services started in Germany  and the response from the German public was good.

  • 1999 Mediakabel in the Netherlands also started digital operations resulting in Landscape's long awaited debut on the Dutch cable networks.

  • 2000 broadcast continued in Holland with CAI Westland until 2007 as well as Regular broadcast in Greece and on Branded Networks around Europe.

  • 2004 Benjamin Gough joined the company with a vision to take LandscapeHD into the global television business as a 1080p offering. This new channel would utilise a new form of global advertising with no langauge.

  • 2013 Landscape Channel relaunched as LandscapeHD, a languageless music channel available in full 1080p HD, using multiple options to deliver its 24/7 playout from cable, satellite and IPTV head-ends anywhere in the world.

  • 2014 Landscape Channel in 1m homes 

  • 2015 Landscape Channel passes 10m homes in over 100 countries (April 2015)

*Note: Landscape uses broadcast servers located with the distributor to deliver in 1080p or standard definition. This technology is reputedly the most cost effective form of television distribution in the world. For further information please contact sales @