The Landscape Channel returns to the Netherlands

skv-logo (1).jpg

The Landscape Channel returns to the Netherlands in high definition this month to the Dutch cable company   (Stichting Kabelnet Veendam) after an absence of over fifteen years. Many people will remember Landscape broadcasts its own unique brand of music video depicting the beauty of the natural world to classical and instrumental music. Landscape now return in full HD using in-house cable-server technology.

Landscape celebrated its thirtieth anniversary last year and believes that Dutch cable operators will still love the relaxing low stress format which has not changed since its inception in 1987.  SKV offers The Landscape Channel in HD quality to its customers in the Netherlands via its super fast fibre network.

Landscape is a breath of fresh air in the current world of television presenting itself as a relaxing channel without cultural thresholds under the motto Beautiful Music, Beautiful World. Landscape broadcasts classical and instrumental music combined with stunning full HD imagery portraying the beauty of the world, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.