Our philosophy is universal..

'..To bring a sense of harmony to the viewer by transporting them away from the mundane with stunning music and awe-inspiring imagery.'

A relaxing environment

Today's media bombards us with high stress images, news bulletins and hard sell of products which all leads to anxiety and a sense of disquiet. Landscape delivers respite from this and leads the viewer to a more relaxed environment. Our programming consists of the world's most popular classical and instrumental music with awe-inspiring imagery that is carefully edited to the theme. This imagery features subjects as diverse as art and achitechture to landscapes, nature and even the abstract.

Landscape is a destination channel meaning we only broadcast Landscape music videos and as a consequence our viewers know what to expect, a high quality experience where they can listen to their favourite music whilst soaking up stunning imagery from around the world. 


Radio on TV

Landscape has evolved into a television experience that promotes and plays out music in much the same way as a radio station does. We have developed into a great platform for promoting world, classical and instrumental musicians and are constantly on the look-out for new talent that can bring a fresh approach to our viewers.